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How much does it really cost?

Buy a share

Shares in the Vagabond Flying Association are currently valued at $1,800.  You will buy a share and guess what? You actually OWN 1/35th of our airplanes.  Thus, we are an "equity" club because you actually own something real.  Other clubs have initial fees and you own nothing real, just the ability to rent their aircraft.  If you leave, you get nothing back.  If you add up the current value of our aircraft and divide by 35 (the number of shares), you'll see that $1,800 is a lot less than what you'd have to spend to buy these airplanes today.  That is, your share is actually worth a LOT more than 1800 dollars. Not bad. When you sell your share you get your $1,800 back. (You do have to wait until the share is sold).  If you do your homework, equity clubs the best way (read: least expensive) to learn or continue flying.  The best part is that you are an owner and have a say of how the club is run, the price of hourly rates and everything else the club does.  You can be as involved, or not involved, as you desire.  Your choice.

Monthly Dues

Dues are currently $80/month. This covers all the fixed expenses like insurance, a heated hanger and tie-down rent.

Flight Time

Hourly rates are $90/hr. These hourly rates include fuel, oil and a reserves for maintenance and engine overhaul cost.


There are several instructors authorized to give flight training (both primary and advanced) in Vagabond airplanes. These instructors set their own rates, but generally they are between $25-35/hr.

Fly 100 hours a year?

So, you can fly 100 hours for a little over $9,000 !! Try that anywhere !! Come join us and fly !!