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Fly for $90/hr wet Hobbs !!

Both Aircraft ADSB Compliant


We have some BEAUTIFUL aircraft, inside and out !!

FOUR seat aircraft so bring your friends.

Who are we ?

The Vagabond Flying Association is a member owned flying club based at the DuPage Airport in West Chicago, IL. Formed in the late 1950's with a single Piper Vagabond, we're one of the oldest flying clubs in Northern Illinois. Today we fly two well maintained single engine, fixed gear airplanes: a 1980 Cessna Skyhawk II and a 1977 Piper Warrior II pictured above.

Our mission is simple, to provide the opportunity for our members to fly and improve their skills for the least cost possible. The fixed costs of owning the airplanes are spread evenly across the members so you get to own a part of two airplanes for a small fraction of the total cost. The hourly rates for each airplane are set based on actual operating costs. We aren't in business to turn a profit renting airplanes so our members fly "at cost".

If you can't justify the expense and effort of owning your own airplane but you're tired of paying outrageous amounts for tired old FBO rentals, then the Vagabond Flying Association is for you. Do you want to learn to fly? Then the Vagabond Flying Association is for you, too. We welcome student pilots and lots of people have learned to fly in the Vagabond Flying Association.

If this sounds like what you're looking for, we want to hear from you. Please see our contact information here.

Planes are based at Dupage Airport (KDPA) -